A Fresh Coat of Paint

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Photo by Christopher Gower via Unsplash

Starting off 2020 with a refresh of my personal site. Overall, the design is mostly the same. I'm not a designer by any stretch of the imagination but the site is, hopefully, a good representation of my work and my personality.

The Stack

This is a development blog after all, so let's talk stack. I had used Gatsby on a bunch of side projects and my old portfolio used the original version of Gatsby. I wanted to upgrade to the latest and greatest. My old blog also existed on a separate repo and was an old Jekyll setup, which I wasn't a huge fan of. Customizing it was a bit of a pain and I didn't like managing two separate ecosystems.

So, I wanted to shift everything onto Gatsby and maintain the easy authoring experience for me as writing my posts in Markdown can be done ANYWHERE–especially with GitHub's UI. I started off with a fantastic starter project by Robin Wieruch - gatsby-mdx-blog-starter. From there, I ported over everything from my old site–including a few custom gatsby-node-plugin scripts to push Projects to their own custom page templates.

Apart from a few bumps in the road with merging two conflicting createNode and createPage scripts, everything went fairly smoothly. Now, everything is running on the latest and greatest.

What Next?

As I say every year, I wanted to make this easier to manage with the goal of publishing content more often. Let's hope I stick to my goal this year.


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